martedì 8 ottobre 2013

Beauty trend: Throw away your tweezers

We spent a lot of money on super technological tweezer, innovative material tweezers, label tweezers but now the trend is to get rid of them with no regrets! Looking at backstage pictures of the latest Fashion Weeks around the world, we will see all the models with hairy, big brows, that have never seen a tweezers in their lives. Defined or tattooed brows times are over! Welcome big brows, filled by wise brushstrokes or tone sur tone brow pencils. Icons of this trend are the supermodel Cara Delevingne's brows, but many others models and starlets are following her. Some of us may think this is a super beauty trend, no more worries about our brows, just let'em grow! On the contrary it's a lot more difficult to fill an empty brow than to refine it with the tweezers. You will need the perfect kit to make them look bigger and many make up labels have already launched their products. Let's see what the market has to offer, starting from the most expensive to the cheapest.
SIGMA Brow Kit (not to be found any more, sigh!) remains the most complete kit for the brows with 15 elements and a price of 69 $. In the luxury packaging we would have found : mirror, scissors, tweezers and stencil for a perfect shape in the upper side; 5 different shades of powders, 2 dual ended brow pencils, one for highlighten, one for filling, one pencil sharpener, a dual ended brow gel for fixing, a dual ended brush, one angled and one spoolie brush.
On the other hand we can still find in their website the Brow Kit Value Set in 4 different shades that includes: duo brow powder, dual ended highlighting pencil, dual ended brow pencil, an angled brush and a spoolie brush for 48 $.
Still from America we can find the ANASTASIA 5 Element Brow Kit, wich is very similar to the Sigma one. Here we have: a duo brow powder, dual ended brush, tweezers, stencils and a brow gel. For the price of 65 $ they should have put a dual ended brow pencil too. A lot more interesting is their Beauty Express for Eyes and Brows all in one kit. It includes: a duo brow powder, a brow wax, a duo eyeshadow powder, an angled brush and stencils. All for 39,50 $.
Let's end our american tour with BENEFIT cosmetics that offers 2 different kits: Brows A Go Go and Browzings. The first one has: 2 brow powders, a brow wax, a little smokin liner, 2 highlighting powders, mini tweezers and mini dual ended brush. It comes in one shade (!!!). A very tiny kit, nice for the packaging but very expensive (38 $) and useful only if you have to carry it into your bag. The second one has only one pigmented wax and one powder, mini tweezers and mini brushes. It comes in 3 different shades. Again the mini sizes with a large price (30 $).
Let's what european labels have to offer.
SMASHBOX has not really a kit, but their Brow Tech Trio has two different shades of brow powder and a brow wax; the brow pencils Brow Tech to go have the brow gel with the brow brush included. The first product has 5 different nuances for 23 euro and the second one comes in 2 shades of brown for 27 euro.
SEPHORA has the Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit in 2 different shades. This set contains: 2 brow powders, brow wax, tweezers, spoolie brush and  angled brush. The price is 14,90 euro. All in a take away size.
KIKO offers a very similar kit, the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit, that contains: 2 powders, wax, tweezers, angled brush and spoolie brush for the price of 13,90 euro. Again in very tiny sizes.
If you are not sure about your eyebrows colour, always choose the lightest one. Once you have decided the colour  better opt for the single products by Smashbox (in my very personal opinion) or, if you want to spend more for a complete set, for the Sigma kits. What you will really need is a powder of the exact colour, a wax or a brow gel and a brow pencil tone sur tone. The angled brush might be your old eyeliner brush and the spoolie brush is your old mascara, washed very well.
Let me ispire you with these gorgeous picture of the latest fashion weeks' backstages!