venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Get UN-Ready with me: how I remove make up!

After new year's eve we all know how tired we are and how difficult is to remove makeup after partying hard. I must confess I didn't remove it too, after I came home at 7. 35 am. I just use some micellar water (Bioderma review here) onto my eyes and went to sleep. What I did after I woke up that day must be the regular procedure to remove heavy make up or even natural make up.
1. Step
Micellar water is great to remove eye make up, it's not aggressive, you don't have to rub your eyes. Simply pour some onto a cotton pad, put it on to your eyes closed, press gently and move with circular motions then repeat if necessary. Not all the make up will come off, but it's a gently way to start.
2. Step
Most of the eye make up came off, except the eyeliner. For that I use a Lush product (Ultrabland review here ) but you can use coconut oil, or a oily based cleanser. Take some and massage it to remove make up. It's great for removing waterproof make up because it's oily so that dissolves most of the waterproof products. After looking like a panda, take a cotton pad and take the dirt off.

3. Step
If you have a oily cleanser massage your face with it and rinse well. If not, take your normal cleanser and remove the rest of your face make up as always. 
4. Step (if you have a Clarisonic, Foreo or other devices)
Use your Clarisonic, Foreo now that your skin is almost clean, to get rid of all the remaining make up you can possibly have yet. 
5. Step
Use your toner now, I have rose water or hammamelis water. Choosing the right toner is a must, you should pick up the right one for your skin type. Make sure there's no alchool in it or it will sting. Alchool based toners should be illegal! They make your skin drier and it's never a good idea, especially if you have oily skin (it will make it produce more oil). 
6. Step
Moisturize your skin. Again choose wisely your cream or lotion. Every type of skin need hydration in the right amount. 
Now your face is freshly clean and ready to start the day..or to go to bed!