venerdì 5 aprile 2013

Special Post: Interview with Birdee Bow from "HEY AVIATOR"!!!

All started when this cutest girl, with this cutest name, Birdee Bow, asked me if I would like to listen to her song and share it with my readers of my facebook page Diary of a Fashion Girl , make a s4s -share for share- as on the web are used to call it. I listened quite immediately to the song and quite immediately I fell in love with it! The song was "VOGUE KNOWS" and with that title it caught my fashion blogger's attention!
Now, after some messages we wrote each other, Birdee Bow offered me to do this interview and I just couldn't refuse! I'm glad to let my blog readers know about this beautiful song and, of course, about this brand new artist Birdee Bow and her "Hey Aviator" ! Hope you will enjoy the interview!

When did you realize that music was your way of living?
I've been singing most of my life..I wrote my first song when I was in 2nd grade & my best friend moved away. I was so sad so I recorded a song about how she shouldn't go to Kansas, on a cassette tape..I guess it's always been my way of going through life..just write about it.

How did you start?

I finally got serious about it after college. I met some amazing friends in Oklahoma who were already writing great songs & creating stellar music. I remember visiting them in this back alley garage of sorts called "the party barn". The garage door went up & there was this amazing wall of sound & a REAL band playing real catchy POP songs in an empty garage. They didn't care, it was like they were playing to a million people. That was it for me. I remember thinking "Ok, This is it. I gotta get these guys to teach me HOW to bring my songs to life". After that day I really never looked back...all my prior career & life goals went out the window. Music was the deal. Music was the passion. I was obsessed! I wanted it.

Is Hey Aviator a group? How did you meet your partner in music? 
HeyAviator is Ricky Brewer & Me. Ricky is one of those guys in that garage!! haha. A self taught, phenomenal musician who plays EVERY instrument. He literally blows me away with his talent. Guitarist, drummer, bassist, pianist...he writes music like most people breath in air. It's effortless for him. It's hard for me to even express the talent that he possesses because it's other worldly in my opinion. I've always felt amazingly fortunate to work with him. He has helped me bring to life SO MANY stories that might have never been told. 

Where did you get your band's name?
Obsessed with Aviation! The first producer we worked with in the studio was Ron St Germain. He's a really famous cat with a lot of crazy successful band credits..but he's also a pilot & a skydiver. Ricky has a secret desire to become a helicopter pilot. ALL of our convos in the studio were aviation centered. I would walk in & say "Hey Aviator. Wassup?" It just made sense. It just fit. We were coming out of a 5 year band project & we wanted our new DUO project to have a new fun identity. HEY AVIATOR happened!

Do you always agree on everything?
NO. We never agree on anything at first..haha! But, we always work it out. One thing we've learned over the years is to listen to one another, I think we've both learned we could miss out on something musically phenomenal if we don't open our mind to new ideas. Writing a song is like being lost on a back hills country have no idea where you're heading & before you get to your destination you've forgotten where you started, but you remember the scenery. I love that journey. LIFE is found in the scenery moments..

Where do you take your inspiration?
I'm originally from Texas so I grew up listening to Country Music. I've always loved the stories that are told in a country song. I think I write from a very personal place. If you don't feel somewhat naked sharing your emotions in a song then I don't think you're hitting the connection point. You can't fake truth in music.. It's the universal connection. It's the thing that keeps me writing. Life deals you tough blows & music keeps me sane. I like to think it keeps us all sane..

Who are your favourite artists?
I'm not sure anyone can convey hurt & anguish through voice the way that Billie Holiday can..she amazes me. It's haunting. I always listen to her inflections & the way she uses her voice for sincerity, it's not about range or fancy vocal's ALL about emotion. I love that. I think it's where the true spirituality of music lies. I aspire to that kind of fabulous. True Connection.

Do you live in L.A.? Is it an inspiring city?
Los Angeles can be a great place! Filled with dreamers & doers. Everyone has a plan & the ENERGY is off the map! I do love LA, but I also love NY. We've done a lot of recording in New York. There's something about the toughness & the grit of NY that always inspires me to write. Being on the road in a very low budget "independent" way has enabled us to see most of the country. I feel really lucky to be an artist in the U.S. It really is a dreamer's paradise.

I am a fashion blogger. Is fashion important to you too?
I KNOW you are! You are an amazing fashion blogger. Digg it! I do love fashion...I really started experimenting with fashion more when I became an artist. On the road we were always stopping at Thrift Stores to kill time or to find cheap FUN clothes for on stage. Finding SO many vintage pieces really got me involved in the mixx & match of old & new fashion. I also started experimenting with creating my own armbands & funky leg warmers out of old sweaters. I love finding FLASHY 70's inspired Halston mimics too! I secretly wanna be a STUDIO 54 singer with Liza Minnelli! hehe I think fashion above all things should always be FUN!

Which is your style?
I love high end couture mixed with vintage. I am a huge Jean Paul Gaultier fan & I love vintage Chanel!! I think 1964 was an amazing year in fashion. I'm enthralled with Jackie O images from that period. STYLE is so much more than fashion don't you think?? 
Who doesn't love vintage Chanel can fall off the planet, I totally agree with you!!!

What kind of music inspires you? 
I try to open my heart & mind to most all music. Metal, Rock..Pop to Country. I've had moments in each where breaking into tears was the only option:) Most music will move you if you really let it in..

What does Vogue Knows mean to you?
VOGUEKNOWS (produced by the amazing Pete de Boer) is a very personal song for me. I guess the most important line of that song is "Don't let anyone steal your light" . It's so true. It's up to us how we share our light. It's up to us WHO we shed our light upon. If someone in your life doesn't appreciate that light or reflect it back upon you? Then I think you truly have to RUN!! & is short. Share it only with those who deserve your beauty. 
I think every girl on earth can identify herself in the words of this song, your lyrics are just so true!

What are your next plans?
I'm a PLAN freak  Writing more songs, working on a million ideas at the moment. I think my new motto is "ZERO Limits". 2013 is gonna be about going for EVERYTHING my heart desires. No holding back...

Do you play in clubs?
YES! No club is tooo tiny:) We've played tiny holes in the wall & had some really fabulous large opener shows. We just love to play..but we have primarily been focusing on writing & recording in the studio. I do miss playing out more, so hopefully that will fall into the ZERO Limits category this year!!

I'm from Italy. What do you like about my country?
I would love to visit ITALY sometime soon! Everything I've seen & heard of your country is phenomenal..from the food to the fashion. MILAN! I must visit Milan. You must tell me all about it my fashionista friend. I am honored to meet you & I am honored to have this interview on your site.

I wish you the most beautiful 2013 possible!! THANK YOU!!

Well, it was a pleasure to meet you and to know you better with this little interview, dear Birdee Bow! Hope you will come to Italy and sing your songs very soon, maybe in "Giuseppe Meazza Stadium" in Milan!!!

Here are some pictures of this lovely singer Birdee Bow and the links to her songs!!! Go and listen to them, they're just amazing!!!