sabato 21 dicembre 2013

My experience with Firmoo Glasses and my First Giveaway !

I read a lot about this online store for glasses "Firmoo" and I was always tempted to make an order, so when they contact me to make a review I was absolutely shocked! They were so kind and patience to me and the other day, when I got my glasses, I was really happy! They fit wonderfully and, of course, I do see perfectly!
In the online store you can choose infinity type of glasses (or sunglasses too), try them and buy them! Yes, I said try them! Let me explain: there are some photos of random people with different face shape, look, age and sex. Choose the one who looks similar to you and pick the glasses you want to try: they give you a preview of what they look like with the glasses on. None of the pictures looks similar to you? No problem, you can upload a picture of you and try yourself the glasses you pick! This is an amazing thing, since trying the glasses on your face is very important: you may like a shape for the glasses, but if it doesn't fit you, then you have to look for a different type. And with Firmoo you will have the widest range of glasses you can imagine, it's quite impossibile you can't find your perfect glasses! 
I do love luxury eyewear, but you know, unfortunately, the glasses are really pricey and so are the lens. With Firmoo you can have the latest trends in eyewear with a reasonable price! And if the trend changes you can change your glasses! A single luxury pair of glasses costs nearly 5 times a Firmoo pair of glasses. That's impressive! And I really appreciate the quality of Firmoo glasses: good materials, good lens, great packaging! They come with a glasses box and a fine glasses bag, as I show you in the pictures below.
I am glad to write this review for Firmoo since I am really happy about these glasses. I wanted to change mine but I didn't want to spend all my money for a luxury pair. I think these are amazing, update with the latest trends in eyewear and that's what a fashion and beauty blogger looks for: latest trend for a reasonable price and quality over all!
The Giveaway

Last but not least, they will offer you a 30$ voucher for the Classic series Eyeglasses! That's an amazing offer you can't really refuse! I like the idea of a "giveaway" to be equal with all of my readers, so these are the rules!
1) Like my blog on:
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2) Like this post and write a comment in which you say if you are a Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube follower and leave me your contacts (e-mail or social network).
3) I will comment back and give you a number. I will use  and pick the winner.
4) The contest ends on the 5th of January 2014 at 6.00 pm (UTC+1.00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Roma).
5) If I can't contact the winner I will pass to the second place and so on, so please answer my e-mail or message as soon as you can!
6) If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Hey bloggers! Do you want to cooperate with Firmoo? Here's the link